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Daniel Kandi produced a string of impressive breaks on his way to securing an eighth Danish National Snooker Championship at the Copenhagen Pool and Snooker House last weekend. 

The 36-year-old from Sæby went into the event as the defending champion and top seed. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the tournament was rescheduled and shortened, but that didn’t bother Kandi who lived up to his billing as the favourite, dropping just three frames across five rounds. 

In the first round he defeated Casper Petersen 3-0 before constructing breaks of 128 – the competition’s highest – and 92 as he eliminated Hari Prasad Subedi by the same score line in the last 16. 

Returning for finals day, renowned trance DJ Kandi lost the opening frame of his quarter-final tie with Allan Norvark, but an effort of 78 in the next got him on course for a 3-1 victory. Another final berth was later assured following a 3-1 triumph over Allan Bruun, where Kandi once again demonstrated his scoring prowess with runs of 125 and 63. 

His opponent in the championship match was the number two seed and debut finalist Per Micki Christensen. Kandi was relatively comfortable throughout; breaks of 65 and 102 – his third century of the weekend – helped him establish a 3-0 lead, and although EBSA Level 1 Coach Christensen got on the board after a tight pink ball finish in frame four, the champion retained the title with a 96 in the next. 

During this event in 2018, eventual victor Kandi compiled a 147 maximum break – the first time the feat had been achieved in a competitive match in Denmark. 

2020 Danish National Snooker Championship – Results from the quarter-finals onwards 

Daniel Kandi 3-1 Allan Norvark 

Allan Bruun 3-2 Michael Orbech Larsen 

Martin Sondergaard 2-3 Asif Iqbal 

Jakob Lund Andersen 2-3 Per Micki Christensen 


Kandi 3-1 Bruun 

Iqbal 0-3 Christensen 


Kandi 4-1 Christensen 

Image used courtesy of Mikkel Bo Rasmussen/1st Down Photo