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Representatives of the WPBSA and World Snooker Federation (WSF) were pleased to attend a meeting with the IBSF hosted by the WCBS in Lausanne on 18th January 2018. At the meeting it was established that the constitution clearly states that the snooker member of the WCBS is currently an organisation known as the WSF. The WCBS board acknowledged that their interpretation of this snooker membership was to recognise the independent memberships of the WPBSA and IBSF.

There was clear progress as the IBSF recognised that the WSF would continue to exist as a pathway for Players to attain professional status, although there were differences of opinion as to how this could be achieved. The WPBSA confirmed that if the WPBSA holds individual membership of the WCBS, it also holds this membership on behalf of the WSF and its many members. It was firmly established at the meeting that for qualification to the World Snooker Tour federations staging or sending players to tour qualifying events must be members of the World Snooker Federation. The WSF has always been clear that National Federations can be members of any other National, Regional or International Federation and this remains the case.

The WPBSA committed to a further meeting on 6th February with the IBSF to explore how the WSF and IBSF can coexist.

It was recognised by all parties that the WCBS constitution is in need of review to ensure compliance to the current Olympic Charter.

The WPBSA feels that it was unfortunate that following this meeting the WCBS saw fit to release a statement saying that it does not recognise the WSF, considering the WSF formed a significant part of these discussions. It is our view that this was misleading, premature and unhelpful to the proposed discussions between the WPBSA/WSF and IBSF.

The WPBSA and WSF do not think that it is appropriate to comment further until after the scheduled meeting in February, however in the meantime the WSF will continue to welcome new members, support its existing membership and develop its qualification events.

EBSA European Snooker Championships 2018

We can also confirm that the deadline for National Federations to become WSF members and enable their players to compete for main tour places at the 2018 EBSA European Championships, has been extended to the 31st January 2018. This date will not be extended further and it is a firm policy that qualification to gain WPBSA membership and a place the World Snooker Tour can only be earnt by players nominated by National Federations who are members of the WSF.